Lesbos - lesbos holiday, Lesbos holidays with Nassos Guest House on Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece

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If you are looking for a non mass touristic holiday in Greece, Lesbos is the place to be .!!!

On the Aegean Island - Lesvos in Greece is no mass tourism because they will never allow building the big hotels and that's why the Island will keep her character. This idyllic holiday destination is perfect for those seeking peace and seclusion, or 'to get away from it all'. Even in high season the beaches remains low key and sparsely populated. There are several tavernas in Molivos we the guesthouse is located ( some of these establishments are guaranteed to be open year round). We do recommend car hire to our guests, to give quicker access to other amenities close by: if you would like assistance in this matter please ask us or look at our car rental link.

The Nassos guesthouse is one of the biggest holiday houses you will find on Lesbos Island.

Lesbos is world renowned for its many varied species of flora and fauna. It is also host to a superb petrified forest located between Eressos and Sigri in the Southwest.
This is a land steeped in tradition and rich in history and culture. The birthplace of musicians, poets, writers and artists who have been inspired through time and still in present day, by the natural charm and picturesque views allowing endless opportunity for exploration and discovery.

Going further up north by the east coast, thru a series of beautiful little villages one will arrive in the town of Mantamados, famous for its cheeses and the fine pottery. The next stop will be Skala Sikaminias, one of the most charming fishing villages one would ever see.
And then, at the northeast point of the island one will find the picturesque village of Mithymna (also known as Molivos), with its mediaeval castle and the traditional architecture. Molivos is also the islands best known resort. By some it has been called "the closed place to paradise, on earth".
The association with Arts is appropriate enough, for it was here in Mithymna that the head of Orpheus is said to have been washed ashore after his dismemberment of the Thracian women. Another mythical citizen of Mithymna was the lyric poet and musician Arion. It has been said that he has been saved by the music-loving dolphin.


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Lesbos - lesbos holiday, Lesbos holidays with Nassos Guest House on Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece