Lesbos Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece

Lebos Island




It’s incorrect information that Lesbos is only popular for Lesbian women.
Eressos (located in the West part of Lesbos Island) is the birthplace of Sappho and that's popular with gay women, but it's also a popular family and honeymoon destination with beautiful sandy beaches and villages, a wonderful place, perhaps the best kept secret in Greece. Most tourists will go to the North part of LesbosIsland like Kalloni, Molivos and Petra village where more rooms, studios, hotels and apartments are available as well as Island tours, thermal springs, spas, monasteries, traditional villages, donkey treks and day trips to Turkey. Excellent and inexpensive restaurants on the beach where you can watch the best sunsets in Greece (after Santorini). For a true off-the-beaten-path destination check out the village of Sigri where there are half a dozen great beaches, several excellent tavernas and they say it never gets so hot that you need the air-conditioning. Try the spanking new Sigrion Villas, owned by a Greek-American family from Mississippi. If you have high-school aged kids and want to give them a cultural/education experience this summer send them to Hyphen logy: an English language, academic/cultural program on Lesvos for teens. If you are travelling with children Sigri has the safest most child-friendly beach on the island and you may also find that when the rest of the island is full there will still be rooms in Sigri village.



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