Lesbos Mini market in Molivos village on lesvos island Greece

Local businesses
Category Shops
Type Mini market
Specialty Ceramics and daily fresh products
Region North Lesvos
Mini market Kominakis
Owner(s)  Pavlo, Anastasia
Spoken language(s) Greek, English
Phone +30225307


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This Kominakis Mini market is located in the biginning of the Acient Agora (shopping street) of Molivos village. From the National Bank of Greece you walk up to the Agora pasing the Pharmacy, keep walking uphill for about 100 metres (after the turn to Nassosguesthoue) untill junction and you will find it on your left hand. Very close to the guesthouse and that's way most of our guests go there, because its close and they are always open from 0800 AM to late at night.


Kominakis minimarket is open all day because it's a familiy run business.   


You will find here a large selection of wines, daily fresh produsct and ceramics form Mantamados


Open 7 days a week from 08.00 hrs to 24:00 hrs or later depends on the season
Open all year round



Air-conditioning / heatingyes   
Credit cards accepted no   
Language spoken   Greek, English 



Lesbos Mini market in Molivos village on lesvos island Greece