Lesbos Greek dancing | Holiday workshop with Manolis Iskis on Lesbos Aegean Island - Lesvos, Greece


Manolis is born on Lesbos, one of the Islands in the Aegean sea of Greece.

Manolis is a charismatic professional dancer, full of passion and a teacher with lots of humour. He is a combination of a raw voice and a warm hart.

Some people might be frightened of his expressive volume during the lessons, but that’s just his typical Greek way of behaviour, he loves you and you will love him trust me..! Manolis is very straight forward and 'what you see, is what you get' is his live sentence. A stubborn old Greek is just what he is. He is living in Holland at the moment even learning some Dutch... but he is telling 'siga, siga' (let’s take it slow). His English is perfect although! And he knows exactly how to explain in a simple way how to dance. His own performances are always very lively and full of passion.

Manolis knows like nobody else how to celebrate life (professionally).

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Manolis has worked with several famous artists.
Since he moved to Holland he has performed during Sail Amsterdam, with the Dutch Wind Band (Nederlands Blazers Ensemble) and on many cultural festivals. He was live on TV in ‘Let’s dance’, the show of Paul the Leeuw and several other programs.

Every summer Manolis (and his Dutch wife Francisca) returns to his island Lesbos etc. This year he will also be teaching again in Molyvos, as he used to do for many years. In cooperation with Nassos guesthouse he is organizing several Greek dancing workshops and even a Greek dancing holiday. Join in to explore Greece/Lesbos in a completely new way!

Look at youTube for one of Manolis his performances here and here


International Holiday Workshop Greek Dancing on Lesbos Island of Greece

Holiday on Lesbos the Aegean Greek Island of Greece where you can have your holiday with a Greek Dancing Workshop and stay in the Nassosguesthouse.
This summer (July 2010) Manolis is starting his own Greek dancing workshop in cooperation with Nassosguesthouse where you can sign up or just can join one class to see if you like it, anything is possible with Manolis. 


In picturesque village Molivos on Lesbos Island of Greece you can enjoy your holiday for one week of the sea, sun culture and at the same time to learn how to dance as a Greek. If you want to stay longer just adjust your flights and accommodation.

Your teacher is Manolis Iskis. He is born on LesbosIsland and will you teach all ins in outs of the Greek dance. Not only dancing but Manolis will tell you all the stories and histories what belongs to that. Of course your dancing lessons will put into practice in a local taverna with some food, drinks and …life music!!

This holiday Greek dance lessons are available for every body from the age of 16 and older no experience or good condition is needed.

This holiday Greek dance you can book it without an accommodation or you can book it with the traditional www.nassosguesthouse.com in the middle of Molivos village where is a nice and easy going atmosphere. Your host is Dutch and speaks English too.

You only have to take care of your own flights.

If you want a complete program for costs just send us an email at francisca@iskisdancing.nl or look at http://iskisdancing.nl/

If you want some more information about the guesthouse  just send an email at info@nassosguesthouse.com



These are the dancing lessons if you are here on the Island Lesbos.

You can or book it by email info@nassosguesthouse.com or just visit the Nassosguesthouse click here for location


·    Greek Dancing Workshop for adults who can speak English.

          You want to dance along with the Greeks? After this workshop you will be able
          to join in several basic Greek dances, being danced everywhere in Greece
          You do NOT need experience in (Greek) dancing. Wear comfortable shoes and 
          clothes and bring something to drink (water).
Length: 2 hours. Costs: 25.00 euro p.p 


·     Kids entertainment for kids from 6-9.
Duration: 1 hour. Costs: 15.00 euro. By Manolis & Francisca (who speaks Dutch, English and German) Parents can watch, or collect their kids after the workshop.

·    Youngsters can dance! A workshop Greek dancing for youngsters (10-16, who understand some English).
A workshop full of action and fun. Learn some quick group dances and make your own style in the world famous Greek dance Zeïbekiko (also great for boys!).
Length: 1,5 hours. Costs: 20.00 euro.



Greek dancing holiday: 19 t/m 26 July 2010.
A one week holiday full of dancing, sun, see and culture. Including 5 workshops Greek dancing, a night out with life-music and dancing and one night out in a traditional Greek restaurant. Enough time for relaxation and sightseeing.

Information about your accommodation in Nassos Guesthouse contact us

Information about the program & costs 
Send an e-mail (in Dutch/English) to francisca@iskisdancing.nl  or ring Manolis Iskas: 0031 628188276



Lesbos Greek dancing | Holiday workshop with Manolis Iskis on Lesbos Aegean Island  Lesvos, Greece